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Having grown up with both consoles and a PC, Gonçalo 'Purple Wizard' Gonçalves will play anything from Wizardry to Halo including JRPGs, Adventure games, Wizardry, WRPGS, Shooters and Wizardry.

Gunscape review

Throughout the years, gaming has witnessed an array of genre-defining titles, from Mario’s jumping, princess-saving exploits to more recently, Minecraft’s block-building and survival endeavors. With any successful entry, clones, competitors and challengers are bound to ...

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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak review

For years the Homeworld franchise laid dormant, its engaging gameplay, beautifully immersive visuals and intriguing lore abandoned after just two games and one spin-off. For nearly a decade diehard fans clung to hope that a ...

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The Rivers of Alice review

When the gaming medium as a whole started taking larger evolutionary steps during the mid-to-late 90s a question arose among its community; can games be considered art? A proper answer to this question is largely ...

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Poncho review

The indie developer boom we’ve witnessed throughout this last decade revived several genres which were long thought to have been unprofitable or abandoned by larger software houses. Of all game styles to have been favored ...

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Primal Carnage: Extinction Review

Thematically speaking, dinosaurs hold great gameplay potential. Regardless of whether players are expected to take the role of these primal killers or hunt them down, it’s clear this approach has remained largely unexplored since the ...

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I Can’t Escape: Darkness review

Indie titles are often ripe with experimental gameplay features which larger developers tend to shy away from. Unlike the risk-adverse AAA industry, you’ll often see smaller studios either combining uncommon genres or crafting genre-defying experiences. ...

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Warhammer 40K: Regicide review

Upon hearing the next Warhammer 40K title was going to be chess game, fans voiced their concerns, feeling this scope would be too limited for a universe as grandiose as that of Games Workshop’s popular ...

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The Future of 20XX

It’s interesting to think how ten years ago Megaman fans were suffering from franchise fatigue as Capcom kept releasing title after title starring the famous blue bomber. Yet, today this mascot is relegated to little ...

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Armello review

Anthropomorphic animals have long been a favored tool for many story-tellers. Their impact stretches as far back as classic fables and influential literature, having gained special prominence with the advent of modern media animation. Yet, ...

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