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Death end re;Quest PC review

There’s a multitude of games built around the hypothetical. Each offers a succinct, moderately thoughtful response to imagined scenarios like apocalyptic situations, or geopolitical predicaments. But Toshima-based Compile Heart habitually digs deeper. From Hyperdimension Neptunia’s allegory ...

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Steins;Gate Elite review

Time travel is a popular premise across almost every medium. But like most high-concept narratives, it’s often used as a catalyst for absorbing human interaction rather than an opportunity for scientific speculation. From the comical ...

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MekaMon Berserker V2 Robot review

Watching the MekaMon Berserker first spring to life is an extraordinary experience. After extracting the spider-like robot from its sturdy cardboard housing, charging and inserting the battery, the Berserker awakens with a series of excited ...

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Mobile Edge 27,000 mAh Core AC Power Charger review

As a frequently traveler who carries around an assortment of power-guzzling electronics, I’m constantly scanning my environment for charging opportunities. Pleasingly, there’s been a lot of improvement in recent years, with most domestic airlines offering ...

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Bloody B975 Optical Switch Keyboard review

A decade of PC building, tinkering, and repair has taught an important lesson: never skimp on component quality. From clearance-priced power-supply units that expired with a puff of smoke, case fans that mimicked the sputter ...

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Bloody B840 Optic Mechanical Keyboard review

Let’s face it- the keyboards that come bundled with most desktop PCs are disposable junk. Packaged alongside a cheaply-made mouse, they’re a short-term solution to ensure owners can use their newly unboxed computers. But before ...

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