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Epos H3Pro Hybrid Gaming Headset review

Like their wired brethren, the Epos H3Pro Hybrid delivers some of the best sound in their price class. With discrete looks and a removable boom microphone, they can be worn publicly without embarrassment.   Durability ...

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GameSir VX2 AimBox review

Looking for the upper hand in multiplayer competitions? The GameSir VX2 AimBox provides the mouse-and-keyboard accuracy to console users if your conscious is willing to comply. We all know that cross-platform titles like Apex Legends, ...

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Akko 3098 Multi-Mode Keyboard review

The Akko 3098 is a pretty and pint-sized keyboard that’s ideal for Instagram-ready home office spaces. But the lack of any kind of companion app can make common tasks just a bit too complicated. As ...

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Epos H6Pro Open Acoustic Gaming Headset review

With the industry favoring wireless, conspicuous looking headsets, the Epos H6Pro turns its back on trends. The objective is luxurious sound at a moderate price point, alongside aesthetics that aim for elegance rather than ostentatiousness. ...

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Cooler Master MM731 Gaming Mouse review

Looking for a gaming mouse with versatility? The Cooler Master MM731 can tackle everything from marathon shooter sessions to protracted workdays. Save for the accompanying app, it does it all with elegance, too. The search ...

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Gamesir X2 Lightning Controller review

Despite Apple’s continued efforts, action gaming on an iPhone still isn’t a seamless experience. There are still issues on the software side of things, but Gamesir’s latest peripheral offers the kind of physical controls found ...

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