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Starlit Adventures Golden Stars review

The Switch version of Starlit Adventures Golden Stars removes all the micro-transactions of the mobile release. The result allows the game’s retro-rooted play to shine, without all of the bothersome coercion and persistence to sign ...

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Aircraft Evolution review

On PC, Aircraft Evolution was a mildly entertaining and accessible title where players dropped explosives across four different eras. While the airborne action has made the jump to the Switch, a haphazard port means you’ll ...

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Waifu Uncovered review

Waifu Uncovered tasks players with shooting toxic germs that have infected the clothing of nubile girls. Succeed and the clothes come off, offering a mix of Space Invaders and strip poker. Unfortunately, it’s not as ...

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Neon Abyss review

Take the variability of The Binding of Isaac but re-interpret the title as a side-scrolling shooter and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from Neon Abyss. While the concept isn’t completely original, ...

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void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium review

Look past the cryptic moniker, and you’ll discover several familiar mechanics merged together in void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium. You’ll work doggedly to save what might me the world’s last human, which feels crucial and at ...

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1993 Shenandoah review

1993 Shenandoah is a curio with nearly a three-decade gap between development and release. Yet, it captures the indie zeitgeist of a lapsed era when games were crafted in garages rather than sprawling studios. Those ...

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Catherine Full Body (Switch) review

Catherine heads to the Switch with a proficient port that captures all the romantic tension, surreal puzzling, and competitive climbing of the PlayStation 4 iteration. Since the Vita version never got localized here, this marks ...

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Biped review

Even if online play gets added, like the developer have pledged, Biped is best enjoyed by local partners. Those seeking a solitary experience can find a myriad of better puzzle-based platformers. After flailing through Octodad: ...

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