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Billion Road review

Billion Road’s dice-rolling, board-trekking play offers a relaxing reprieve from tense action games. It’s not for everyone, but if you if your aching for a Fortune/Itadaki Street-style game with a bit more quirk, you’ll want ...

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service review

Transporting parcels grows tedious in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. The real enjoyment stems disregarding the game’s structure and just horsing around, especially with a group of friends. Much like Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Surgeon Simulator, or ...

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Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories review

The Disaster Report games are often considered cult classics, even if gameplay habitually took a backseat to survival-based tensions. Sadly, the fourth iteration is plagued by several faulty elements, making the game a test of ...

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Mystic Vale (Switch) review

For those who appreciate cognitive calisthenics, Mystic Vale is an innovative and enchanting card game. This adaptation allows for solitary enjoyment and pass-the-Switch play, but make sure you can tolerate a few niggling issues. Even ...

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Zombie Army Trilogy (Switch) review

A proficient Switch port of the 2015 title, Zombie Army Trilogy is best played with cooperative partners, online or off.  While the Allied opposition of Nazi Germany lasted four fateful years, gamers have been fighting ...

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Bubble Bobble 4 Friends review

Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob are back with serviceable sequel that won’t burst your bubble but won’t bowl you over with creativity, either.  Few games have a legacy as enduring as Bubble Bobble. Originally released ...

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Kemono Heroes review

With an intriguing mix of sixteen-bit style and the inclusion of Japanese folklore, Kemono Heroes is a distinctive and appealing action-platformer that can support one to four players.  Recently, NIS America acted rather uncharacteristically. Known ...

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SeaBed review

Despite a pace that periodically plods along, SeaBed’s multiple perspectives and explorations of relational complexities delivers distinction. It’s always refreshing when an upstart defies the rules of convention. And that’s exactly the case for Japanese ...

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La-Mulana 1 & 2 review

Tougher than a Four Dollar Steak ‘Trial and error’ based gameplay isn’t for everyone. For some, approaching a puzzle and attempting new techniques until a solution is found can be frustrating. If you’re the type ...

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