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New Super Lucky’s Tale review

Like many three-dimensional platformers, New Super Lucky’s Tale is about beating the odds. Make your way through the title’s hub-world of stages and you’ll scale soaring environments, leap across an abundance of chasms, and confront ...

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Mononoke Slashdown review

What is the concept? Mononoke Slashdown puts you in the role of Kagemaru, a roaming ninja who returns home to find his rural village besieged by masses of mythical creatures. Favoring action over exposition, the ...

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Gun Gun Pixies review

If someone ever created a softcore send up of Toy Story, it might be a lot like Gun Gun Pixies. Here, the banter between protagonists Buzz and Woody is recreated in the oft-uneasy pairing of ...

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Xeno Crisis review

Bitmap Bureau’s Xeno Crisis is available on PC and Switch, but more remarkably, the title is also releasing on long-dormant consoles like the Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast and Neo Geo. The unusual undertaking undoubtedly helped draw ...

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Door Kickers: Action Squad review

2014’s Door Kickers offered an intriguing take on SWAT-style tactics. Using a top-down, two-dimensional perspective, the title pushed players through a succession of close quarters battle (or CQB) challenges, which blended real-time strategy with the ...

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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD review

The traces of whimsy and retro-game adoration found in the Yakuza series can probably be traced back to Toshihiro Nagoshi’s developmental roots. Before directing Kazuma Kiryu’s underworld saga, Nagaoshi was head of SEGA’s Amusement Vision ...

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Rabi-Ribi (Switch) review

What is the concept? For those bored by the melodrama faced by Castlevania’s dour Belmont clan, Rabi-Ribi offers a refreshingly cheery alternative. In this PC port, players assume the role of Erina, who was once a cuddly bunny- ...

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