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Arc of Alchemist review

An Encouraging First Impression Like many Compile Heart titles, Arc of Alchemist’s introduction is filled with quaint charms. Accompanying the swells of an orchestrated soundtrack, still images and narration summarize the childhood of Quinn Bravesford. ...

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Hero & Witch 2 review

Not Everyone Will Like This Odd Couple Most gamers aren’t going to like the Hero & Witch series. Unlike most contemporary efforts that flaunt intricate storylines, modern game mechanics, or cutting-edge visuals, the series has ...

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SEGA AGES Roundup: Fantasy Zone and Shinobi

There’s something oddly gratifying about experiencing yesteryear’s arcade games on the go. It’s a testament to technological progress that we’re now able to mimic the games once found in massive arcade cabinets with affordable consoles ...

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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD review

Stranger’s Initial Struggle All too often, creativity isn’t rewarded with commercial success. That was the case for the 2005 release of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, an imaginative effort that blended third and first-person action in a ...

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Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha review

Psikyo=Colorful Art Kyoto Across the company’s thirteen-year lifespan, Psikyo cultivated a rich legacy. Although the Kyoto-based developer dabbled with erotic mahjong games and even a sequel to Lode Runner, it was their arcade shooters that ...

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Super Crush KO review

Building on Solid Foundations Looks can be deceiving. With its stout player-controlled ship, low-poly enemies, and abstract backdrops, 2017’s Graceful Explosion Machine gave an unassuming first impression. But players who took a chance on the ...

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Steins;Gate: My Darling’s Embrace review

Tutturū! Released in 2009, Steins;Gate continues to captivate audiences. Centering on the exploits of teenaged Rintaro Okabe and a band of scientists, the visual novel ingeniously wove elements of science fiction, classic tragedy, and otaku ...

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Gensou Skydrift review

The Touhou Project began with a collection of meticulously-coded bullet-hell shooters, or danmaku. Coded by a former Taito programmer who operated under the moniker of Team Shanghai Alice, the games earned distinction not just for the ...

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Steins;Gate 0 (Switch) review

All too often, sequalization is motivated by money rather than any earnest attempt at artistic expression. Perhaps that seems like an excessively cynical perspective, but I’ve seen far too many follow-ups that either offer only ...

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