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Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS review

Zoo Corporation’s Switch ports are typically accessible, fun, and delightfully inexpensive. Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS preserves that trend with a Qix-clone where you uncover liberate buxom bishoujo while avoiding an intensifying onslaught of creatures. Last August, eastasiasoft published ...

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Gynoug mini-review

Gynoug is a pleasing trip back to the nineties, when coders kept hands sweaty, composers made modest soundchips sing, and artists brought giant, alien phalluses onto the family television.  As a enthusiast of ‘90s-era STGs, ...

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Demon Turf review

This decidedly old-school platformer brings back the thrills and quirks of mid-nineties gaming. Those hoping to revisit that age might want to stake their claim on Demon Turf. But those acclimatized to the luxuries of ...

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Blue Reflection: Second Light review

2017’s Blue Reflection might not have sold in staggering numbers. But the game’s creative interpretation of the magical girl genre earned a wealth of fervent fans. Four years later, Second Light arrives alongside an accompanying ...

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Panorama Cotton review

Purportedly, Panorama Cotton was released in incredibly small numbers, with an allotment of four thousand cartridges. That’s surprising, since this shooter demonstrated that the Mega Drive could pull off many of the same visual tricks ...

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Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi review

Venture into the Labyrinth of Yomi and you’ll find a remarkably relevant context alongside traditional dungeon crawl mechanics. The developer’s latest is undoubtedly one of the best efforts. From Wizardry, Etrain Odyssey, Demon Gaze, to ...

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Cotton 100% mini-review

On the heels of the masterful Cotton Reboot, Cotton 100% reissues the 1994 Super Famicom title. There’s a modicum of extras and supplemental material, which is slightly disappointing, but not enough to spoil the enjoyment ...

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Black Widow Recharged review

Black Widow isn’t one of Atari’s most popular properties. But that’s probably because the game was released alongside another well-respected twin-sticker shooter. Adamvision’s contemporary adaptation demonstrates the merits of the original game, while keeping the contemporary ...

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The Riftbreaker review

Combining elements from real-time strategy, twin-stick shooters, survival, and tower defense genres, The Riftbreaker is ambitious. Perhaps overly so. But if you’re seeking a game that will keep your brain engrossed as you juggle multiple ...

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