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Sniper Elite 5 review

Rebellion’s latest is yet another long-range bulls-eye for the franchise. Like series star Karl Fairburne, don’t miss this one, especially if you’re a fan of slow-boiled, methodical stealth.   World War II lasted for six ...

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review

Often, smaller scale prequels seem like marketing for the main game. While it’s uncertain just how much of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s exposition will feed into Hundred Heroes, this is the rare interactive prologue that’s worth ...

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Wildcat Gun Machine review

Wildcat Gun Machine’s tonality is as ridiculous as its title. Artwork shifts from ‘conceivably cute’ during gameplay to “serious” on the upgrade screen. Sometimes, you’re side-stepping bullets that look like pink bubbles. In other moments, ...

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Research and Destroy review

With references that range from Valkyria Chronicles, Hanna- Barbera, and with a slightly sus-looking cartoonish character, Among Us, Research and Destroy offers a hodge-podge of pop culture references. But the game’s best qualities are the ...

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Z-Warp mini-review

Dodge, shoot, die, and curse- now repeat this cycles dozens of times. Like any respectable shmup, Z-Warp will submerge you in screens awash with projectiles. Learning to swim through it all can be gratifying. Panda ...

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Agent Intercept mini-review

Tragically, there aren’t more games like Spy Hunter. Driving a transforming vehicle that’s packed with deadly weaponry is power fantasy. Agent Intercept offers a bit of that escapism, but is too short and plays it ...

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Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure review

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is good enough to belong in a museum. Unfortunately, it’s priced that way, too. Advancements in pinball have been driven by technological innovation- most notably when the industry moved from ...

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Phantom Breaker: Omnia review

Chaos;Head’s Rimi Sakihata, Steins;Gate’s Kurisu Makise duke it out with MMO addicts, cosplayers, magic girls, and even a few handsome husbandos, as MAGES fighter makes its long awaited Stateside debut.   Shibuya-based MAGES is probably best ...

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