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Alchemical Cutie mini-review

Veering from most farming sims, Alchemical Cutie has you nurturing jellies rather than fruits and flowers. While the concept of a farm full of Dragon Quest-esque creatures is alluring, the game’s too relaxed and directionless ...

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Demon Turf review

This decidedly old-school platformer brings back the thrills and quirks of mid-nineties gaming. Those hoping to revisit that age might want to stake their claim on Demon Turf. But those acclimatized to the luxuries of ...

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Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi review

Venture into the Labyrinth of Yomi and you’ll find a remarkably relevant context alongside traditional dungeon crawl mechanics. The developer’s latest is undoubtedly one of the best efforts. From Wizardry, Etrain Odyssey, Demon Gaze, to ...

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The Riftbreaker review

Combining elements from real-time strategy, twin-stick shooters, survival, and tower defense genres, The Riftbreaker is ambitious. Perhaps overly so. But if you’re seeking a game that will keep your brain engrossed as you juggle multiple ...

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Echo Generation review

Drawing inspiration from everything from Earthbound, Paper Mario, to Stranger Things, there’s a lot to like above about Echo Generation. For many, the richly detailed voxelated visuals are nearly reason enough to give the game ...

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Centipede: Recharged review

A multitude of minor alterations adds up to Centipede: Recharged deviating from the original game. While purists might take offense, it’s a respectable reboot that’s far better than most Atari updates. The industry has a ...

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Xuan Yuan Sword 7 review

For over thirty years, Xuan Yuan Sword franchise has charmed international audiences. The seventh mainline entry finally arrives in the West, providing a much-needed East Asian role-playing game for Xbox owners. Gaming is moving in ...

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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania review

The latest entry in SEGA’s Super Money Ball franchise celebrates the series twentieth anniversary, offering a greatest hits-style retrospective of rolling action. While the game’s encyclopedic approach is welcome, this party just isn’t quite as ...

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Hot Wheels Unleashed review

Unleashed offers the quintessential Hot Wheels experience, extending racing, track design, and collecting into a cohesive package. Just like the source material, accumulating new vehicles is nearly as fun as actual play. Although Forza Horizon ...

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