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XBox 360, Xbox One

Flowing Lights mini-review

Bolstered by a minimalistic visual delivery and a soundtrack that sounds like Depeche Mode B-sides, Flowing Light’s 200 bite-sized action-puzzles ooze creativity. But tedium might set in before you’ve completed the bulk of them. With ...

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Battle Axe review

With art, music, and coding by respected industry veterans, Battle Axe in a refreshing throwback to ’90-era gaming in every way but pricing. As the industry grows older, arcade-style experiences are becoming increasingly rare. Sure, ...

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Judgment (Xbox Series X/S) review

The Dragon Engine makes a winning now-gen debut with Judgment, offering a stable, 60FPS framerate, almost imperceivable load times, and all the largely inconsequential DLC of the PlayStation 4 version. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Yakuza series is ...

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Bladed Fury review

With blistering action, sumptuous visuals, and a stirring soundtrack, Bladed Fury is an enjoyable Metoidvania set in ancient China. While it doesn’t overstay is welcome, you’ll probably wish the voyage were just a bit longer. ...

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Dungeon Defenders Awakened (Xbox One) review

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened offers a few quality-of-life improvements but follows the original game’s formula a bit too closely. Still, if you were a fan of the first action/tower defense title or just looking for some cooperative ...

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Clea 2 review

Clea 2 feels more a gentle evolution that a full-fledged sequel, retaining many of the modest qualities of the first game. Fortunately, it remains surprisingly effective at cultivating creepiness.  Before finding success with 2019’s Clea, ...

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Explosionade DX review

For a modest price, Explosionade DX provides players with an ample arsenal and sixty enemy-filled stages to make use of it. As the title implies, Explosionade DX is an ode to the joy of destruction. ...

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