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IndieGo #18: Inferno 2 and UnderMine

We go on an intense twin-stick shooting trek through Inferno 2, finding a drip-feed of weapon upgrades. Then we move from a minimal, Tron-like halls to the squalid, subterranean spaces of UnderMine. In these depths, ...

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IndieGo #17: Exception and Sin Slayers

With Exception, we dive deep into a computer’s internals for a vibrant-colored, speedrunning platformer that intensified by a searing soundtrack. Additionally, we attempt to resist temptation, in Sin Slayers’ notable blend of role-playing and rogue-like ...

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IndieGo #16: Clea and Crawlco Block Knockers

Clea’s adversaries might scare your pants off, but Crawlco Block Knockers drawings are destined to lose their undergarments entirely. Either way, with IndieGo 16, we examine two recently released titles from modestly sized studios. Clea, ...

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