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A Silent Voice review

In the hands of most creatives, a film that explores bullying, disability, and social isolation could become nauseatingly preachy. But with a script penned by K-On!!’s Reiko Yoshida and direction provided by Naoko Yamada, A ...

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In This Corner of the World review

In the United States, terms like ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ are quintessential expressions, underscoring an emphasis on individualism. But in Japan, life has traditionally skewed toward collectivism. As such, the word, ‘ganbaru’ is ubiquitous in conversation. ...

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Love Live! The School Idol Movie review

The expression of indefatigable determination is Love Live!’s dominant theme. Undoubtedly, the anime’s first two seasons drove this point home, as viewers watched the perpetually energetic Honoka Kōsaka rescue the Otonokizaka Academy from closure, as ...

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If Her Flag Breaks review

Undoubtedly, the premise of If Her Flag Breaks is satiated with potential. The inaugural entry in the thirteen episode first season begins as a commercial truck jackknifes and collides with a car, sending the vehicle ...

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Boruto: Naruto The Movie review

Virtuous entertainment doesn’t just function as mere escapism, but often speaks volumes about our world at large. Take the recent theatrical release of Boruto: Naruto The Movie, a film which details Naruto’s tribulations after becoming ...

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Sailor Moon R Season 2 Part 1 DVD review

For many Westerners, Serena Tsukino is the principal ambassador of anime, but that almost wasn’t the case. In 1995, DiC purchased syndication rights for the first two seasons of Sailor Moon (Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn), ...

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