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Cyber Shadow review

Enjoy a challenge? Cyber Shadow demands the kind of pixel-perfect precision required by the eight-bit era’s toughest trials. So, if you’re tastes lean toward the masochistic, you’ll discover a punishing good time without benefit of ...

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The Medium review

The Medium might not please those looking for jump scares or taut action. But if you’re seeking a persistently unnerving experience rather than shlocky frights, the game largely delivers. Horror is often rooted in juxtaposition. ...

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Teratopia review

Teratopia attempts to honor yesteryear’s three-dimensional action platformers. But years on, battering a button to wear down an opponent’s health can feel antiquated. Elsewhere, clumsy platforming should have been left in the last millennium. Traditionally, ...

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Tesla Force review

Tesla Force isn’t a vast improvement over 2018’s Tesla vs Lovecraft, nor does it show off the power of the Xbox Series S/X. But it’s certainly a solid experience for those seeking relentless arcade-style action. ...

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WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship (Xbox) review

Building on last year’s impressive effort must have been arduous, but WRC 9 steps up to the challenge with an array of improvements.   Long the outclassed underdog, last year’s WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship demonstrated an invigorating ...

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