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Judgment (Xbox Series X/S) review

The Dragon Engine makes a winning now-gen debut with Judgment, offering a stable, 60FPS framerate, almost imperceivable load times, and all the largely inconsequential DLC of the PlayStation 4 version. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Yakuza series is ...

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Shoot 1Up DX (PS4/PS5) mini-review

Elevated by an ingenious play mechanic that lets plays shift between a tight formation of ships or a loose formation of firepower, Shoot 1UP DX shouldn’t be overlooked by fans of the genre. In their ...

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Cyber Shadow review

Enjoy a challenge? Cyber Shadow demands the kind of pixel-perfect precision required by the eight-bit era’s toughest trials. So, if you’re tastes lean toward the masochistic, you’ll discover a punishing good time without benefit of ...

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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox review

Pleasingly, Nihon Falcom’s latest effort doesn’t tamper too much with formula. At its heart, the game maintains the franchise’s winning formula, with its charming characters and gratifying combat. Developers who chase technical innovation habitually break ...

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