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Guts and Glory review

A traditional review approaches would not be kind to Guts and Glory. The game’s recent exodus from Steam’s Early access program and onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch would seem to signal that the ...

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20XX review

Compilations that bundle Mega Man’s previously-released titles are plentiful. But in the past decade, the Blue Bomber’s appearances have grown distressingly infrequent, with an eight-year gap between 2010’s Mega Man 10 and this October’s upcoming ...

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Mothergunship review

With revenue in the billions, battle royale-style showdowns might seem like the hottest trend around. But there’s a solid argument that the incorporation of rogue-like elements has had the largest impact on the industry. Every ...

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Tempest 4000 review

One of my earliest and most enduring gaming memories was produced by Dave Theurer’s 1981 classic coin-on, Tempest. As one of the first machines to employ Color-QuadraScan vector graphics, the game’s vibrant output looked like ...

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Way of the Passive Fist review

At first glance, Way of the Passive Fist might resemble just another side-scrolling brawler.  But the game’s moniker signals how an offensive takes a backseat, as the game’s protagonist fights by wearing down his opponent ...

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Fox n Forests review

Some refer to the sixteen-bit era as the golden age of platformers. While it might have been a prolific time for the genre, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were also inundated with a number ...

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Yoku’s Island Express review

Games consistently cultivate moods in players, whether it’s the feeling of fear in the Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dead Space franchises or the humbling sense of frustration wrought in the Demon/Dark Souls series. But ...

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Super Mega Baseball 2 review

Surprisingly, quality action-driven baseball on PC is as atypical as a triple play. Sure, Steam has a number of stat driven simulations like the Out of the Park and Baseball Mogul franchises, which offer players ...

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Bombslinger review

With a hardnosed punishment for dying and existence which hinges on the use of randomized items, Rogue-like mechanics play into our primal instincts for survival. As such, it’s not surprising that so many games integrate ...

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