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Slice of Life: Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

When Microsoft first showed Project Natal (later rebranded as the Kinect) at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment, the device seemed revolutionary. Facilitating complex conversations with virtual beings, as well as allowing real-world items to be scanned ...

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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review

While games are adept at providing pulse-quickening thrills or poignant plotlines, one of the most salient sensations can be the feeling of discovery. From uncovering the ability of your boomerang to capture unreachable coins in ...

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Here’s Looking at You, Kid- Bastion Review

What is the concept? As the inaugural effort from a seven-person development team known as Supergiant Games, Bastion delivers a masterful modernization of the action-role playing game. Recalling the action and narrative heft once displayed ...

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Ms. Splosion Man Review

What is the concept? Revisiting the ingenious mechanic  which propelled 2009’s ‘Splosion Man to critical and commercial success, Twisted Pixel’s latest game requires players to cultivate Olympic-level triple-jumping skills. Each of the fifty levels which ...

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Captain America: Super Soldier Review

The plight of the movie tie-in game is a tragically familiar one. Typically given an abbreviated development cycle, culminating in a product forced to coincide with a film’s release, the corresponding interactive adaptation can often ...

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Boulder Dash XL Review

What is the concept? XL is a loyal reimagining of First Star Software’s, Boulder Dash– a title which proliferated across  nearly every popular computer and console platform during the mid-eighties. At its core, players guide ...

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MLB Bobblehead Pros Review

DesertEagle’s Take: For some, the legless, peculiar-looking athletes  of MLB Bobblehead Pros might convey a woefully middling interpretation of America’s pastime. Yet, fans of The Konami’s long-running PowerPro series (known in Japan as Jikkyō Powerful ...

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NCAA Football 12 Review

With our senescent seventh generation consoles experiencing an enduring lifespan, the yearly update has been a popular publishing stratagem. Now in its sixth year of development on the Xbox 360 (and fifth year on the ...

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Galaga Legions DX Review

What is the concept? Following in the footsteps of 2010’s Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX offers another reinvigoration of Namco’s beloved bug-shooter. Much like the darling dot-muncher’s last diversion, Galaga‘s intensity has been ...

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