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Sonic Generations Review

Beyond a flimsy, bilingual leaflet which reveals where Sonic Generations’ actual instruction manual can be downloaded, there’s something else inside the game case: a heaping pile of vindication. Playing through remixed renditions of stages culled ...

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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

Although the exotic locations, tautly scripted action sequences, and iconic theme music associated with James Bond’s cinematic exploits seem like perfect video game fodder, 007’s foray into interactive entertainment has often been sullied by tumultuous ...

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Dungeon Defenders Review

What is the concept? As titles such as Toy Soldiers, Monday Night Combat, Trenched and Orcs Must Die have demonstrated, the action/tower defense genre has proliferated across Xbox Live Arcade. Yet, associating the recent release ...

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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Review

After a dozen franchise entries across a span of nearly two decades, the most menacing foe in the Ace Combat universe is the specter of stagnancy. The old axiom “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ...

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Guardian Heroes Review

What is the concept? 1996’s Guardian Heroes is a textbook example of the fan-pleasing design philosophy of Japanese developer Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Bangai-O, Ikaruga). Most brawlers of the era focused on the protagonist’s efforts to ...

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NBA 2k12 Review

For gamers, there is a redemptive sliver of hope amidst a deadlocked NBA season. Typically, the simultaneous release of a new sports title alongside the commencement of a season can present a struggle for leisure ...

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A Truly Unreal Engine- Rage Review

Call of Duty 2’s release amidst the Xbox 360’s launch lineup was a harbinger of hope for first-person shooter purists. Sporting an impressive draw distance and a habitually solid sixty-frame per second output, the title ...

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Burnout Crash Review

With every new Burnout game, it seems that the racing portion of the game takes a backseat to crashing or forcing someone else to crash in a nifty way. For better or worse, Burnout Crash ...

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Orcs Must Die Review

What is the concept? Recalling Trenched and Toy Soldiers adept amalgamations of the tower defense and third-person shooter genres, Orcs Must Die rewards marksmanship as much as prudent planning. Players are thrust into the role ...

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