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WWE ’13 Review

For the vast majority of my video gaming career, pro-wrestling games have been my go-to genre. Long car trips and weekends at my grandparents’ house went by in the blink of an eye thanks to ...

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NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review

Not long ago, I would have preferred reviewing an entry in the implausibly prolific Petz franchise than to tackle another NASCAR title. While I emphatically enjoy an engaging racer, both EA Sports’ (NASCAR Thunder 2004, ...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Review

If you invited Black Ops protagonist Frank Woods over for dinner, he’d likely make an atrocious first impression.  After peppering expletives into his demands for liquor and placing his dusty sidearm on a spotless end ...

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Midway Arcade Origins Review

Across the previous two generations of console hardware, collections of cherished coin-op games were commonplace. Then, digital delivery came along and, save from the superb Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, shifted the paradigm from disk-based compendium ...

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Assassin’s Creed III Review

In the weeks leading up to Assassin’s Creed III’s release, there was little doubt of Ubisoft Montréal ‘s mammoth ambitions. With reports of a three year development cycle sustained by the efforts of four separate ...

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NiGHTS into Dreams HD Review

It’s hard to have a conversation about the Sega Saturn without somebody bringing up NiGHTs into Dreams. Set aside the fact that the system had some of the greatest, most unique adventure and roleplaying games, ...

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Forza Horizon Review

One of my greatest grievances with console gaming has been the dumbing down of simulations. In an attempt to court a broader audience, once complex franchises such as Dragon Age, Splinter Cell and DiRT have ...

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007 Legends Review

From 1991’s James Bond Jr. for the NES to last year’s release of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Eurocom has adapted Bond films into interactive titles across five generations of ...

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Skylanders Giants Starter Pack Review

Predictably, a number of critics were dismissive of 2011’s Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. Built around the concept of purchasing real-world figurines that were capable of transforming into in-game characters, the title was depicted as little more ...

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