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Mark of the Ninja Review

Across nearly two decades, developers have been shoehorning stealth mission into games not designed around furtiveness. Whether tasking Young Link with sneaking past soldiers in Ocarina of Time or having players skulk around the habitually ...

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

While fighting game purists have consistently championed Street Fighter’s ubiquitous output and advocated for Virtua Fighter’s often byzantine brawling, I’ve always fancied the Tekken series. The first arcade cabinet lured me in with unabashed quirk, ...

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Rock Band Blitz Review

As both time and the death of Guitar Hero have shown, the Rock Band franchise is the king of the music game genre. From fully-functional guitars and basses to a working laser light show and ...

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review

The premise of two factions of massive, shape-shifting, robots stuck in eternal strife like some sort of cybernetic Capulets and Montagues seems like a near-perfect premise for a game. Yet, as titles such as 2009’s ...

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Darksiders II Review

In the game industry, it’s an abnormality for an untested development team to deliver an inaugural hit, and an irrefutable miracle if they are able to sustain that success. As Realtime Worlds demonstrated with 2007’s ...

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Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

What is the concept? Whereas both Castlevania: Lords of Shadows and Metroid: Other M offered serviceable adaptions of their respective franchises, many agreed that both series’ best entries were delivered during the ‘90s. Published before ...

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Sleeping Dogs Review

Irrefutably, Sleeping Dogs is a tale of vengeance. On one level, the game’s protagonist- undercover officer Wei Shen, retaliates against a multitude of treacherous types, impaling foes on stacks of swordfish and pressing the faces ...

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Hybrid Review

What is the concept? Far too often competitive shooters suffer from the malaise of homogeneity.  Employing traditional run and gun conventions, the genre habitually delivers faint variations on a theme instead of offering comprehensive innovation. ...

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Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Review

Although fighting game enthusiasts are known to be an outspoken crowd, Capcom’s handling of paid supplemental content for Street Fighter X Tekken has proven to be remarkably contentious. When players discovered the publisher had placed ...

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