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Babel Rising Review

What is the concept? Building on a design introduced by French developer Whitebirds’ (Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, Last King of Africa) popular iPhone game, the console version of Babel Rising permits players to punish ...

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Mad Riders Review

What is the concept? With a retina-searing sense of speed and an incessant succession of death defying jumps, 2010’s Nail’d brought gamers back to an era when racing titles offered doses of big, dumb fun ...

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Akai Katana Review

In European territories, Rising Star Games is a prolific publishing juggernaut, with an output that matches the combined efforts of XSEED, Aksys, Natsume, and Ignition Entertainment. The company’s opening salvo on this side of the ...

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

Over its decade long legacy, the Ghost Recon franchise has endured a succession of substantial changes. Once a taut, tactics-heavy simulation tasking players with managing multiple teams across vast battlefields, more recent entries in the ...

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Max Payne 3 Review

As mediums go, video game narratives are sporadically lackluster, often dependent on elements such as rousing action or tactical analysis to engage players. One of the more popular defenses for this phenomenon explains that the ...

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Game of Thrones Review

As intellectual properties go, George R. R, Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series might seem like an unlikely candidate for adaptation into a traditional Western role-playing title. Admittedly, previous conversions of A Game ...

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Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC Review

In the nine months since the release of Signal Studio’s Toy Soldiers: Cold War, it’s likely that dedicated gamers have obtained each platinum medal challenge and earned every last decoration.  Hoping to reinvigorate interest in ...

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UEFA Euro 2012 Review

What is the concept? Traditionally, Electronic Arts’ tournament titles have been premium-priced boxed products. While games such as 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and UEFA Euro 2008 have permitted players to simulate the spectacle ...

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