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Sword and Fairy 6 review

For some, the appeal of the Japanese role-playing game is rooted in the cultural. JRPGs are often masterworks of storytelling, crafting rich contexts inhibited by colorful casts of characters who experience satisfying character arcs and ...

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Dangerous Driving review

Once a fundamental genre of the industry, the arcade racer’s popularity has dramatically decreased in recent years. Not long ago, franchises such as Outrun, Ridge Racer, Need for Speed, and Burnout dominated by delivering high-speed ...

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Vaporum review

Across its three-decade long history, the three-dimensional dungeon crawler has been surprisingly resistant to change. Take a look back at 1989’s Dungeon Master or 1991’s Eye of the Beholder, and you’ll find a framework that ...

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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning review

Pedigree is often accompanied with elevated expectations. That’s likely the case with the PlayStation 4 and PC release of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Uniting several members of Danganronpa’s development team with Lancarse, the team who ...

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The Princess Guide review

Like most developers, Nippon Ichi Software frequently creates follow-ups for their successful titles. But far more interesting are the developer/publisher’s divergences. From Phantom Brave’s melancholic reworking of Disgaea, to the evolution of rogue-like mechanics across ...

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Fate/Extella Link review

With lore which traverses several mediums and revolves around different universes, the Fate franchise might seem impenetrable to newcomers. Paradoxically, that’s part of the allure. Immerse yourself in Type-Moon’s well-liked visual novels, manga, anime, games ...

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