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Hentai vs. Evil review

Hentai vs. Evil isn’t all that sexy and has a jumble of enemies that seemed culled from the free asset pool. But it’s not prohibitively priced and might be entertaining in short doses. For many ...

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Earth Defense Force: World Brothers review

Following Iron Rain’s serious-minded interpretation of alien-quashing action, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers revisits the playful spirit that the franchise is best known for. Earth Defense Force wasn’t always a premium priced product accompanied by ...

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Biomutant review

Humankind is presumably extinct, with the fate of the world in the weapon-wielding paws of animals in Biomutant. This description doesn’t begin to touch on the layers of system and cultural references in the game ...

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Rise of the Slime

Tired of being role-playing fodder, slime strikes back at meddling adventurers in this deck builder. With modes that scale to accommodate novices to pros, Rise of the Slime is a gratifying experience for almost any ...

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R-Type Final 2 review

After eighteen long years since the last mainline entry (and thirteen since the last spin-off), Irem’s horizontally-scrolling shooter returns with R-Type Final 2. It’s fun, especially if you’re a traditionalist, but also a bit flawed. ...

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Battle Axe review

With art, music, and coding by respected industry veterans, Battle Axe in a refreshing throwback to ’90-era gaming in every way but pricing. As the industry grows older, arcade-style experiences are becoming increasingly rare. Sure, ...

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Judgment (Xbox Series X/S) review

The Dragon Engine makes a winning now-gen debut with Judgment, offering a stable, 60FPS framerate, almost imperceivable load times, and all the largely inconsequential DLC of the PlayStation 4 version. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Yakuza series is ...

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Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire review

Boosting cheesecake portraits and some delectable tile-matching, Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire is rather delectable, especially for its six-dollar price. Thanks to the efforts of EastAsiaSoft, Zoo’s PC titles seem to be making their way ...

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