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Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation review

Armageddon is ubiquitous in modern media, with audiences seemingly obsessed by plotlines that depict the multitude of ways the world might end. But save for a few subversively pessimistic works, mankind typically comes up with ...

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Furwind review

Several generations ago, nearly every gaming platform had multiple two-dimensional, character-driven platformers. Showcasing vibrant, eye-catching colors, and as many sprites as yesteryear’s CPUs could handle, they became a dominant genre. But when polygons became the ...

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SolSeraph review

When a major publisher is squatting on a beloved property, occasionally it’s indie developers who come to the rescue. From A Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee’s reinvigoration of the three-dimensional, character-driven platformer to Petroglyph Games’ ...

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Super Neptunia RPG review

Sporadically, Hyperdimension Neptunia co-developers Compile Heart and Idea Factory endorse the use of character by other development studios. The results of these spin-offs often approach the quality of the main franchise. With titles such as ...

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Judgment review

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Yakuza series is undoubtedly one of gaming’s most unique franchises, with a duality nearly unrivaled in any medium. Across seven main iterations, an expansive cast of colorful characters have chaperoned players ...

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Citizens of Space review

2015’s Citizens of Earth was a decidedly mixed experience. Although developer Eden Industries’ procession of pop-culture references, Earthbound-inspired quirk, and ever-growing entourage of recruitable everyday types was occasionally clever, it also suffered from serious executional ...

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Dragon Star Varnir review

The term ‘Galápagos Syndrome’ was coined to describe an intriguing situation that emerged with Japanese mobile phones. These wondrously evolved devices were undoubtedly some of the best phones on the market. But they weren’t compatible ...

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Crystal Crisis review

The industry’s dominant puzzle franchises have been around for a while. Tetris is thirty-five years old, while Taito’s Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-A-Move in North America) has been around for twenty-five years. Even Puyo Puyo is ...

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