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Jamestown+ (Switch) review

History Class on Mild Hallucinogens Chances are, you might have heard of Sir Walter Raleigh’s attempts to colonize America. After getting caught secretly marrying one of Queen Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting, Raleigh hoped to make amends with ...

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Riverbond review

Not Just a Chip Off the Old Block With vibrant visuals built with voxel technology, Riverbond could be mistaken for yet another Minecraft clone. But developer Cococucumber isn’t interested in subjecting players to another derivative ...

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Deathtrap Dungeon Trilogy review

Across the eighties, Games Workshop co-founder Ian Livingstone wrote eleven single-player adventure gamebooks. Each built upon the basic framework of Bantam Books’ popular Choose Your Own Adventure series that delivering branching storylines, where different decisions ...

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Heroland review

Anticipations might have been lofty for co-developers FuRyu and Netchubiyori’s Heroland. With direction from Takahiro Yamane (Fantasy Life), scenarios from MOTHER 3 and Legend of Mana writer Nobuyuki Inoue, visuals from Nobuhiro Imagawa (MOTHER 3, ...

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Bloo Kid 2 review

Bloo Kid 2’s serviceable visuals aren’t much of an enticement. Neither is the derivative play, which feels like a lackluster mash-up of several, more famous sixteen-bit platformers. Let’s face it, you’re probably interested in Bloo ...

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Black Future ’88 review

Time limits are quite common in games. But when Black Future ’88 provides you with a scant eighteen minutes to scale up its procedurally generated tower and exterminate its architect, you’ll undoubtedly feel an upwelling ...

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WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship (Switch) review

Pity the officially licensed WRC game. Despite continued advancement from a trio of developers across an eighteen-year span, the property has habitually remained in Colin McRae/DIRT’s shadow. The series has rarely been substandard, demonstrating fleeting moments of achievement ...

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Sparklite review

Indie developers have learned that layering roguelike elements into gameplay modeled after the classics can yield remarkable results. 20XX’s injection of procedurally generated stages separated the title from a crowd of more straightforward Mega Man ...

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Incredible Mandy review

Putting the word “Incredible” in the title of your game kindles lofty expectations. With the release of Incredible Mandy for the Nintendo Switch, Tianjin-based Dotoyou Games almost makes good on that pledge, at least during ...

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