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Raiden V: Director’s Cut (Switch) review

In the shoot-‘em-up pantheon, every prodigious title has a distinguishing play mechanic. R-Type is built around a fascinating risk/reward where players can augment their offensive output by abstaining from fire, accumulating energy in their wave cannon. Players ...

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Kill la Kill IF review

Arena-based fighting is a popular approach for adapting anime into interactive form. Franchises like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, My Hero One’s Justice, and J-Star Victory/Jump Force have all demonstrated there are a ...

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Pawarumi review

Any respectable shoot ‘em up needs at least one distinctive characteristic to succeed. Gratifyingly, the release of Manufacture 43’s Pawarumi has several. The first is the inclusion of a mechanic called Trinity. Recalling Ikaruga, the ...

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Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble review

Originally released stateside in 2001, Intelligent Systems’ Advance Wars series was a success, inspiring a trio of sequels, and with Battalion Wars, even an action-driven spin-off. But long-term triumph was gradually overshadowed by the Kyoto-based ...

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SolSeraph review

When a major publisher is squatting on a beloved property, occasionally it’s indie developers who come to the rescue. From A Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee’s reinvigoration of the three-dimensional, character-driven platformer to Petroglyph Games’ ...

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Senran Kagura: Peach Ball review

The Senran Kagura franchise is approaching a pivotal junction. Across four main entries and a multitude of spin-offs, the unabashedly cheeky series has centered on the exploits of scantily clad shinobi, extending as much cavorting ...

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Scrap Rush!! review

Scrap Rush is built around two irresistible pastimes: collecting junk and crushing your opponents. The former is littered across each of the game’s gridded battlefields. Small pieces of discarded metal are contained in blocks scattered ...

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War Tech Fighters (Switch) review

When it comes to depicting massive mechanized robotic suits, gaming has delivered a wide assortment of adaptations. From Software’s seemingly lapsed Armored Core series focused on the customizability of its mecha, with players swapping a ...

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Super Neptunia RPG review

Sporadically, Hyperdimension Neptunia co-developers Compile Heart and Idea Factory endorse the use of character by other development studios. The results of these spin-offs often approach the quality of the main franchise. With titles such as ...

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