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Black Future ’88 review

Time limits are quite common in games. But when Black Future ’88 provides you with a scant eighteen minutes to scale up its procedurally generated tower and exterminate its architect, you’ll undoubtedly feel an upwelling ...

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WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship (Switch) review

Pity the officially licensed WRC game. Despite continued advancement from a trio of developers across an eighteen-year span, the property has habitually remained in Colin McRae/DIRT’s shadow. The series has rarely been substandard, demonstrating fleeting moments of achievement ...

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Sparklite review

Indie developers have learned that layering roguelike elements into gameplay modeled after the classics can yield remarkable results. 20XX’s injection of procedurally generated stages separated the title from a crowd of more straightforward Mega Man ...

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Incredible Mandy review

Putting the word “Incredible” in the title of your game kindles lofty expectations. With the release of Incredible Mandy for the Nintendo Switch, Tianjin-based Dotoyou Games almost makes good on that pledge, at least during ...

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New Super Lucky’s Tale review

Like many three-dimensional platformers, New Super Lucky’s Tale is about beating the odds. Make your way through the title’s hub-world of stages and you’ll scale soaring environments, leap across an abundance of chasms, and confront ...

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Mononoke Slashdown review

What is the concept? Mononoke Slashdown puts you in the role of Kagemaru, a roaming ninja who returns home to find his rural village besieged by masses of mythical creatures. Favoring action over exposition, the ...

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Gun Gun Pixies review

If someone ever created a softcore send up of Toy Story, it might be a lot like Gun Gun Pixies. Here, the banter between protagonists Buzz and Woody is recreated in the oft-uneasy pairing of ...

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Xeno Crisis review

Bitmap Bureau’s Xeno Crisis is available on PC and Switch, but more remarkably, the title is also releasing on long-dormant consoles like the Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast and Neo Geo. The unusual undertaking undoubtedly helped draw ...

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Door Kickers: Action Squad review

2014’s Door Kickers offered an intriguing take on SWAT-style tactics. Using a top-down, two-dimensional perspective, the title pushed players through a succession of close quarters battle (or CQB) challenges, which blended real-time strategy with the ...

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