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Having grown up with both consoles and a PC, Gonçalo 'Purple Wizard' Gonçalves will play anything from Wizardry to Halo including JRPGs, Adventure games, Wizardry, WRPGS, Shooters and Wizardry.

Highway Blossoms Review

Visual novels tend to be a hit-or-miss affair for most, with gamers being drawn to the strong narrative which often accompanies these titles or turned off by a lack of player input. Highway Blossoms takes ...

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Rogue Stormers review

Despite the advent of indie developers and a resurgence in several genres which had fallen out of style, it seems short, difficult action-oriented games similar to classic series like Metal Slug or Contra have yet ...

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WASTED review

A popular saying tells us imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if that is to be believed, where would one place parody? This is how WASTED chooses to introduce itself, by making it ...

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Total War: Warhammer review

Videogame developers often tend to take established franchises and direct them towards new grounds, sometimes this is achieved by implementing spin-offs or adding new gameplay features. Of course, reactions and expectations will vary wildly, ranging ...

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Pharaoh’s Rebirth+ review

It’s widely known that 2D sprite-based gaming underwent a sharp decline with the rise polygon-pushing machines. Such changes happened nearly overnight with the release of 32-bit consoles such as Sony’s Playstation as well as the ...

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Corpse Party (PC) Review

Few countries feature as rich a gaming heritage as Japan. Known for crafting unique experiences, several genres as we know them today was either created or inspired by titles hailing from the rising sun. Yet, ...

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