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Having grown up with both consoles and a PC, Gonçalo 'Purple Wizard' Gonçalves will play anything from Wizardry to Halo including JRPGs, Adventure games, Wizardry, WRPGS, Shooters and Wizardry.

Act Of Aggression Review

There was a time when real-time strategy games ruled the PC gaming landscape along with first person shooters. Back then, players were treated to a new offering almost every week, from obscure releases like Total ...

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Party Hard review

Art is often inspired by life, our own thoughts and experiences shape what we create. In Party Hard’s case, it seems likely that at one point in time, its creators wished for nothing more than ...

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DiscStorm Review

Videogames often allow us to mirror sporting events without conforming to real world limitations. We’ve seen this time again with classics ranging from Super Dodge Ball to NBA Jam and Super Mario Strikers. With all ...

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RymdResa review

Roguelikes along with platformers, have become a genre of choice for your average indie developer. This focus on categories abandoned by the AAA industry allows smaller developers to carve a niche for themselves without having ...

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Funk of Titans (PC) review

In recent years, endless runners gained a recent surge in popularity largely stemming from the rise in mobile games. Though the genre can be traced as far back as classics like Moon Patrol, it’s fair ...

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Guild of Dungeoneering review

Casual titles are something of a divisive topic for the general gaming audience. While some appreciate this genre’s accessible difficulty and low entry level, others feel it’s an ultimately unfulfilling endeavor with too much handholding. ...

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Interstellaria review

The dream of exploring outer space has always been one of gaming’s oldest fantasies, dating as far back as the Atari’s classic Asteroids. Over time, this sparked different sub-genres ranging from simulators and fast paced ...

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Traverser review

Adult Swim Games made a name for itself through a series of unique, quality titles which often paid homage to industry classics. These include several retro-themed releases whose gameplay and graphical output rivalled those of ...

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Spectra review

Videogames have are often celebrated as one the true interactive entertainment medium, this user-input with an appealing audiovisual presentation crafted a long-running popularity which endures to this day. A proper combination of these three elements ...

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