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The Eternal Pit- Kid Icarus: Uprising Preview

As quarter-century old NES memories gradually give way to contemporary experiences, Pit’s adventures endure. Maybe it was Kid Icarus’ remarkable mixture of platforming punctuated by a shooter stage, or possibly because the title challenged gaming ...

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Zen Pinball 3D Review

What is the concept? Sadly, the production of physical pinball machines has shrunk down into a niche industry. Whereas dozens of tables were produced during the amusement’s heyday, only two imminent entries dot the horizon: ...

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Samurai Sword Destiny Review

What is the concept? Although gameplay videos might suggest that Samurai Sword Destiny is little more than a simplistic beat-‘em-up in the vein of Data East’s Kung-Fu Master or Vigilante, the title has several gameplay ...

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Mighty Switch Force Review

With a library teeming with smartphone ports and simplistic original diversions, the 3DS’s eShop has been a bit underwhelming. If not for the Ambassador Program games and a sporadic Gameboy title, players could be forgiven ...

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Mite Makes Right- Nano Assault Review

Anyone who’s ever read Carl Zimmer’s Parasite Rex knows how unsettling the microscopic domain can be- a realm where tiny organisms are capable of castration, mutilation, disfigure, and even zombification. Far worse that the hackneyed ...

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Fortune Street Review

For a Luddite parent in the late 1980’s, witnessing your children stare at the flicking glow of a television, hands tightly wrapped around a controller must have been an unnerving sight. That’s probably why even ...

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Mario Kart 7 Review

Developers take note: with their latest release, Nintendo has effectively dominated the kart racing genre on their portable system. While other studios will likely craft comparably whimsical competitions filled with diminutive vehicles, any outside attempt ...

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Sonic Generations (3DS) Review

Over the past quarter century, Sonic’s console career has endured more fluctuations than a sprint through the Casino Zone. From the ecstatic heights of early cartridge-based excursions, the depths plumbed by the unmanageable controls of ...

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Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review

The old adage “birds of a feather, flock together” is a tragically accurate explanation of my social circle. Comprised of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures, each male friend finds their way into the clique by ...

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