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Switch Owners, Prepare to Be Insulted

The old adage of tongue being mightier than swords is rarely true for video games. With interactive entertainment, blades, bullets, and bare hands routinely get the emphasis, while words are habitually reserved for expositional purposes. ...

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Gunhouse review

Occasionally, game designer can mimic bartenders, blending a few fundamental ingredients, and creating something quite exhilarating and exotic in the process. That’s certainly the case with Gunhouse, a quirky title that began as a PS ...

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The Escapists 2 review

The methodical, multistep jailbreak might seem like an unlikely subject for a video game. After all, electronic amusements habitually indulge audiences with doses of carefree escapism rather than depict the myriad of meticulous steps leading ...

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INVERSUS Deluxe review

With its indie pedigree and minimalist visuals, it would be easy to overlook Inversus Deluxe. Watch a gameplay video and you’ll find that the title makes a standoffish first impression. It can be difficult to ...

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Tiny Metal review

Game formulas can occasionally be challenging to duplicate. For instance, take Intelligent Systems’ Advance Wars, a critically and commercially successful series that spurred four iterations in the first decade of the new millennium. But following ...

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Pic-a-Pix Deluxe review

Picross (a portmanteau for ‘Picture Crossword’) games haven’t always enjoyed Stateside success. When Nintendo’s nonogram-based puzzler, Mario’s Picross, was released for the Game Boy in 1995, the title met with middling reviews from respected outlets ...

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Hammerwatch (Switch) review

1985’s Gauntlet is often remembered for its in-game narration, where a Texas Instruments speech synthesizer would state the condition of each player. Notoriously, the announcer would also divulge which character inadvertently shot the health-replenishing food, ...

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Party Planet review

A developer once offered a bit of insight into his design philosophy: “Games are a complex system of parts that aim to do one thing really well.” But the theory often falls apart when applied ...

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Vostok Inc. review

The ‘clicker’ genre is poised to create a love/hate relationship with players. Undeniably, there’s fulfilment in the continuous accumulation of wealth and the pleasure in increasing your earnings rate. But all too often, you are ...

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