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NFL Blitz Review

What is the concept? Much like Electronic Art’s 2010 reboot of NBA Jam, the recent revitalization of NFL Blitz preserves the majority of the classic title’s hyperkinetic action. Jettisoning any football tenet which might slow ...

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TNT Racers Review

What is the concept? One of the more remarkable racers during the 8 and 16-bit eras was Codemaster’s Micro Machines franchise, which delivered frenzied competitions from a distinctive overhead perspective. Although subsequent series entries were ...

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All Zombies Must Die Review

What is the concept? Resurrecting many of the undead exterminating mechanics established by 2009’s Burn Zombie Burn!, developer Doublesix offers another dose of amusing apocalyptic action with All Zombies Must Die. One of the core ...

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Trailer of the Week – Game of Thrones

Apart from a handful of titles inspired by The Simpsons, adapting a television series into a game has resulted in a steady succession of substandard cash-ins. From Lost: Via Domus, Prison Break: The Conspiracy, The ...

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Three Against the World: Trine 2 Review

What is the concept? Recalling the SNES puzzler, The Lost Vikings, Trine 2 tasks players with utilizing the unique skillsets possessed by a trio of protagonists. From Pontius the knight’s competency for breaking foe and ...

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Rules With an Iron Fist- Tekken Hybrid Review

Nearly as contentious as the matches within the Tekken games are the conversations which surround Namco-Bandai’s respected fighting franchise. While some clearly prefer the outlandish hit combos present in contemporary entries, others (such as the ...

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review

As a collaboration between no less than six development studios spread out across the globe, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations could have easily devolved into a disjointed jumble of slapdash ideas. Yet, the fourth franchise entry habitually ...

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Heavy Fire: Afghanistan Review

Although I’ve rarely had an interest in scouring garage sales or thrift stores for second-hand gaming bargains, budget-priced games resting upon retail shelves are as seductive as the siren’s call. Driven by a feverish compulsion ...

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Corpse Party Review

As the Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space franchises have proven, console games have little trouble ushering fright into our living rooms. Soliciting scares from portables isn’t as easy. Beyond a smaller, less immersive ...

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