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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Review

After a dozen franchise entries across a span of nearly two decades, the most menacing foe in the Ace Combat universe is the specter of stagnancy. The old axiom “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ...

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NBA 2k12 Review

For gamers, there is a redemptive sliver of hope amidst a deadlocked NBA season. Typically, the simultaneous release of a new sports title alongside the commencement of a season can present a struggle for leisure ...

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Burnout Crash Review

With every new Burnout game, it seems that the racing portion of the game takes a backseat to crashing or forcing someone else to crash in a nifty way. For better or worse, Burnout Crash ...

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

Like any sport, soccer has its share of tales about the unlikely underdog defeating a formidable foe. Few of these anecdotes are as rich as the story of the 1950 FIFA World Cup- where officials ...

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FIFA Soccer 12 Review

While this year’s cavalcade of EA Sports titles has delivered a determined amount of improvements, the advancements have often been accompanied by handful of new afflictions. From Madden NFL 12’s jerky post-play animations to the ...

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White Knight Chronicles 2 Review

Reviewers tend to approach sequels and expansions differently. Expansions carry with them an understanding that the would-be purchaser is not only familiar with the original title, but actually enjoyed it enough to consider spending additional ...

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Three SNK PSP Minis Reviewed

A few weeks ago, I finally jumped on board the PSP train. Like with everything unfamiliar, there’s a learning process that takes a little time to get through. Until last week, I really didn’t know ...

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NHL 12 Review

In Minnesota, they say children often learn to skate before they can walk. Having attended grammar school in Minneapolis, I can testify that this adage isn’t complete hyperbole- a disproportionate amount of my early life ...

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Renegade Ops Review

What’s the concept? Taking a cue from the 1991’s coin-op classic Total Carnage, Renegade Ops is a twin-stick shooter which shirks the concept of sniping abstract shapes, allowing players to execute a full-auto assault on ...

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