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Having grown up with both consoles and a PC, Gonçalo 'Purple Wizard' Gonçalves will play anything from Wizardry to Halo including JRPGs, Adventure games, Wizardry, WRPGS, Shooters and Wizardry.

Westerado: Double Barreled review

Quality games featuring a wild west theme are few and far between. While Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and Konami’s Sunset Riders respectively recreate the freedom and shooting frenzy of Hollywood’s classic blockbusters, no title has ...

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Near Magic: Legends of Eisenwald previewed

Longtime PC gamers will likely be familiarized with the King’s Bounty or Disciples series; these featured a relatively uncommon mix of turn-based strategy with roleplaying elements. The genre itself is something of a niche, as ...

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A Druid’s Duel review

Throughout history, there are few if any board games to have reached Chess’ long-lasting success and fame. Its seeming simple set of rules belies a much deeper strategic concept which is still minutely studied to ...

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Homeworld Remastered

Many RTS fans will agree the genre has seen something of a downturn lately. This once prolific genre sees fewer quality releases with each passing year with the issue being further exacerbated if you’re looking ...

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Total War ATTILA review

Creative Assembly has become a staple in the world of grand strategy games through their Total War series. The game’s mix of historically accurate Civilization-like strategy with tactical RTS battles allowed Creative Assembly carve its ...

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Tristoy review

Over the last decade, indie games have seen an unprecedented growth in both demand and popularity. This is partly due to the fact independent software houses are more likely to take risks, either by reviving ...

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Blackguards 2 review

Last month I previewed Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards 2, and though it had potential, the game sadly didn’t win me over. Now, a few weeks after this tactical RPG’s launch, I can safely say my opinion ...

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Blackguards 2 preview

It’s no secret the massive popularity of Dungeons & Dragons has long influenced both tabletop RPGs and video games for decades. As with any successful commercial endeavor, competition will soon follow, one of which being ...

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Kromaia review

For the last decade or so space games have been on a steady decline. Whether you crave an on-rails experience similar to Starfox or a more complex space simulator provided by the X series, one ...

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