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Having grown up with both consoles and a PC, Gonçalo 'Purple Wizard' Gonçalves will play anything from Wizardry to Halo including JRPGs, Adventure games, Wizardry, WRPGS, Shooters and Wizardry.

Wasteland 2 review

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Wasteland was originally created in a time when most PC RPGs consisted mostly of fantasy settings. Although the gameplay wasn’t far off from the party management and ...

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Fight the Dragon Preview

The idea of a game relying on community curated content to increase its longevity is one which PC gamers have been familiar with for well over a decade. Fight the Dragon seeks to take this ...

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Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries Preview

Taking well known children’s stories and corrupting them by adding mature or adult elements is nothing new to the world of gaming. This idea was most likely popularized by American McGee’s Alice though the original ...

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Mega Coin Squad Review

Adult Swim Games has an established track record of publishing quirky, off the wall indie games. These are often inspired by old 8-bit classics from past console generations and their newest release is no exception.  ...

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Ionball 2: Ionstorm Review

There was a time when titles similar to Breakout and Arkanoid were some of the most popular Arcade experiences. These featured a deceptively simple formula which belies a much deeper gameplay strategy. Players have to ...

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Ascendant Review

In recent years Rogue-likes have seen a resurgence brought about by indie developers. Tackling niche genres allows smaller teams to grow and prosper without having to worry about competition stemming from AAA counterparts. This paradigm ...

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Full Mojo Rampage Review

In the past few years, gamers have witnessed a boom in indie developed titles, creating a new wave of experimental releases. One of the most common practices is bringing back old genres that have been ...

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall Review

It’s hard to think of a concept that grants as much narrative, lore and gameplay possibilities as the Shadowrun franchise. Take everything you’d find in western fantasy, mix it with a futuristic setting coupled with ...

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Takedown: Red Saber Review

Robert’s take: Save for Bohemia Interactive’s fastidiously detailed Arma series, the contemporary first-person shooter largely shuns simulation. While popular franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield provide painstakingly rendered weapons and drench their campaigns in ...

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