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A4Tech Multi-Core Gun3 V7 Gaming Mouse Review

With PC gaming has long enjoyed a fervent following, there’s one nagging blemish on the platform: control is typically handled with equipment designed for scrolling through spreadsheets rather than securing headshots. Recognizing an opportunity, manufacturers ...

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MOGA Mobile Gaming System Review

With the graphical output of Android smart phones approaching the capacities of dedicated portable systems, there’s just one persisting problem with gaming on a wireless: control methods are often woefully awkward. Sure, a touch screen ...

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Is MiniStick the Cure for WASD Phobics?

PC gamers often espouse the advantages of a mouse and keyboard control method. Yet, for players accustomed to the ergonomics of a console controller, using a piece of equipment intended for crafting memoranda can create ...

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E3- PlayStation Vita Hands-On

Veteran readers and podcast fans know that I am a PSP apologist. More than any other current generation system – even the full consoles – the PSP has earned a special place in SeanNOLA’s Gaming ...

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