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As Tech-Gaming's own Phoenix Wright, Sage Morris-Greene is currently balancing the completion of her law degree, an obsession of all things cyberpunk, and a budding career as a stage and film actress.

The Weaponographist review

You know those jerk mercs who only save towns and people for money?  Well, in Weaponographist, you’re that guy.  The muscle man with the chiseled jaw covered in five o’clock shadow, wielding a sword, a ...

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The Charnel House Trilogy review

Big budget horror games have done a good job of utilizing surprising jump-outs or gory graphics to terrify gamers, but sometimes they lack that lingering feeling of dread which follows you into your bedroom as ...

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E3 Day Two: Ear and Eye Candy

Today was a day of technological treats for Tech-Gaming.  We started with Gioteck, a company that continues to prove they can provide quality peripherals at affordable prices.  They showed us a number of upcoming headsets ...

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E3 2014: Witcher 3, GOG Galaxy

E3 starts early for some, and this week CD Projekt Red and kicked things off in Santa Monica with a live steam event for their upcoming releases.  The crew released some exciting news about ...

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Stinkyboard Footboard Controller

With the plethora of peripherals available to the gaming market, it’s no wonder so many of them get overlooked.  Some are superfluous, others are downright useless, and a good percentage of them are priced at ...

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E3 Overview: Day Two

Sage’s Overview: Today my favorite games all featured really great weaponry.  The deep, driven pace of E3 continued as the exhibit halls filled with crowds of people.  Barely squeezing through security, I left the guys ...

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