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E3 Day Two: Ear and Eye Candy

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (1)

Today was a day of technological treats for Tech-Gaming.  We started with Gioteck, a company that continues to prove they can provide quality peripherals at affordable prices.  They showed us a number of upcoming headsets which not only improve upon the audio line’s sound and build quality, but are also affordably priced, ranging from $39.99 to $99.99.  One of the headsets will also feature an attachable camera for gamers who want to capture and stream video, making them a versatile, all-around device for those hoping to broadcast their gaming experiences.

Another one of the great features about Gioteck is their streamlined, sleek design.  Their gaming chair which they showed us continues to follow suit.  The seat is remarkably comfortable, though its placement on the floor may make it more appealing for younger gamers. It features back storage, under seat storage, a drink holder, as well as built in speakers near the head.  Its price point of $110 makes it a great choice of gift for children, which is why its slated for release date during the holiday season.

Gioteck HC-2 Headset

The other impressive tech for the day was Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.  Through a rendered demo and live gameplay the team showed us how this screen/GPU combo seamlessly handles visual output.  The screen tearing and wrinkles that gamers have become accustomed to are smoothly ironed out by this system. Even at low fps rates, the G-sync matches the refresh rate of the screen to the GPU, which makes the overall image look clean and allows all of the rendered detail to shine.

My favorite moments of the day though are when Robert and I got to game together. We matched up in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (Robert was 2/3) and Jamestown+, an expansion to the Jamestown universe which brings the game to the PS4 and delivers new content.  It was nice to get the rare chance to game together on the floor, and the Persona fighter and Jamestown+ are absolutely worth checking out. Thanks for staying tuned for E3 updates, more to follow tomorrow.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

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  1. I’m sorry to say this but this is a pretty weak write up. I come here because you guys write some good stuff, but this wasn’t it. Maybe you need some sleep.

    • Pretty much how I feel. There’s no depth at all about these things, just a sentence or two which doesn’t say much at all.

  2. “Jamestown+, an expansion to the Jamestown universe which brings the game to the PS4 and delivers new content. ”

    Pretty much knew that from the title. Sage, you’re drunk, go home.

  3. And this is how Sektor’s glitter throwing rampage started.

  4. Playing games and writing about them is hard work people!

  5. I hate to hop on the hatewagon, but no real Persona impressions. You can’t post a pic and not give detailed impressions.

  6. Ignore the haters, Sage.

  7. I wish they made gaming chairs- real chairs for adults. Instead we get bean bags.

  8. I hope you cover Persona in more depth.

  9. Hey all,

    I’m sorry that you found my update lacking. We go non-stop all day, often missing breakfast or lunch (or both) so we can cover everything our readers are interested in. I had to write this quickly at the end of the day, in between events, and i was exhausted and hadn’t eaten. I also don’t have Robert’s skill for on the fly editorials. Sorry to have disappointed, but please cut me some slack.

    We will have more in depth coverage after the show (including Persona, Evil Elf). And Peter, there will be an adult chair coming out from Giotek, we just don’t have info on it yet.

    Thanks for the support Kookaburra.

  10. Its cool. Just give us nore info.