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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge review

What is the concept? 2012’s Mutant Mudds proved that not every game needs a weighty storyline or elegantly evolving play mechanics to maintain a player’s attention. As gaming’s early years demonstrated, a simple concept that’s ...

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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth review

Not long after the turn of the millennium, a prominent site referred to Digimon as the “poor man’s Pokémon”. As a follower of the anime and game franchise, I found this remark to be painfully ...

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Project X Zone 2 review

For many, “fan service” is shorthand for titillating elements- whether it’s the inclusion of revealing attire or an instance of racy dialog. But it the broadest sense, the term refers to the presence of any ...

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Alphadia review

What is the concept? Role-playing video games started as simple affairs, with titles attempting to emulate table-top experiences. But naturally, the genre evolved, and electronic interpretations steadily integrated a bevy of now-conventional mechanics. From elaborate ...

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Slice It! Review

What is the concept? Originally released for OS and Android devices in 2010, Slice It! makes good on its moniker, tasking 3DS owners with cutting a succession of shapes into equal portions. Each of the ...

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SteamWorld Heist review

For most thriving developers, the path to prosperity is paved with variations on a theme. The customary modus operandi is to keep attempting new ideas until you stumble upon a hit. And if success is ...

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