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Cave Story 3D Review

Despite a thriving indie culture, the majority of today’s games are the result of a careful collaboration between multiple design teams. While this type of design methodology allows developers to seize the complexity and power ...

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Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Review

For many players, the 16-bit era is fondly remembered as gaming’s golden age. Before polygonal protagonists required camera control to glean a serviceable viewing perspective, sprite and tile-based visuals exhibited a static viewpoint, allowing gamers ...

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Deca Sports Extreme Review

As purchasers of any of Nordcurrent’s 101-In-1 anthologies will likely tell you, there’s a direct correlation between the number of diversions on a collection and the depth of each game. One series that has admirably ...

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Bit.Trip Complete Review

Usually, when game critics mention ‘synergy’ they use the word to examine how visuals, sound, and control are blended into a pleasingly harmonious experience.  As designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Lumines, Rez, Child of Eden) has demonstrated, ...

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Nyko PowerPak+ Review

Following the recent price cut of the 3DS to $169.99, there’s still one lingering caveat with Nintendo’s portable:  battery life. Between scouring for StreetPass tags, sending and receiving data across a Wi-Fi connection, and illuminating ...

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Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions Review

Remakes of coin-operated titles are an irrefutably tricky undertaking. While staying true to the conventions of the original games, a remake should also update both the mechanics and aesthetics of a game to contemporary standards. ...

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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review

For years, the Resident Evil franchise seemed content to remain in the refuge of the survival horror genre. Sensing stagnancy (and circumventing a contractual obligation with Nintendo for numbered series entries), Capcom began taking its ...

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DualPenSports Review

In theory, the main mechanic of recent 3DS release DualPenSports sounds problematic. While holding a stylus in each hand, players participate in seven athletic-oriented mini-games and three ambidexterity challenging ‘tap exercises’. Since the customary style ...

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Cubic Ninja Review

Typically, shinobi are portrayed as agile, fast, and resilient.  Cubic Ninja’s sole gag is that its main character has none of these attributes; the dice-shaped hero moves clumsily, leisurely, and is susceptible to the slightest ...

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