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Infested Planet Review

As films like Aliens and Starship Troopers have demonstrated, watching an outnumbered squad of space marines annihilate hordes of enraged enemies can be delightfully cathartic. The recent release of Rocket Bear Games’ Infested Planet attempts ...

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Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC Review

In the nine months since the release of Signal Studio’s Toy Soldiers: Cold War, it’s likely that dedicated gamers have obtained each platinum medal challenge and earned every last decoration.  Hoping to reinvigorate interest in ...

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Anomaly Warzone Earth Review

What is the concept? After captivating tacticians on both PC monitors and smartphone displays, Anomaly Warzone Earth makes its console debut with a capable Xbox 360 port. Each of the game’s twenty-one missions require gamers ...

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End of Nations Preview

As Ron Perlman’s elegiac narration for the Fallout series reminds us, “War never changes”. With its dystopian premise proclaimed by its title, End of Nations certainly seems to espouse the adage. Set in a post-apocalyptic ...

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