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Soulcalibur V Review

Like nearly all fighting franchises, the Soul series has had its share of missteps. From Soulcalibur III’s clunky engine to the awkward inclusion of Star Wars characters in IV, the Project Soul team is certainly ...

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Rules With an Iron Fist- Tekken Hybrid Review

Nearly as contentious as the matches within the Tekken games are the conversations which surround Namco-Bandai’s respected fighting franchise. While some clearly prefer the outlandish hit combos present in contemporary entries, others (such as the ...

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King of Fighters XIII Review

Throughout the franchise’s seventeen year legacy, King of Fighters has struggled to live up to its majestic moniker. Once a celebrated synthesis of characters from SNK’s Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury games, 2009’s half-hearted ...

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Arcana Heart 3 Review

Fate certainly hasn’t smiled upon Arcana Heart 3. Relegated to niche status by the franchise’s fetishized roster of teenage girls, the third entry in the series was released hours before the Playstation Network outage. Most ...

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