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Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Review

Although fighting game enthusiasts are known to be an outspoken crowd, Capcom’s handling of paid supplemental content for Street Fighter X Tekken has proven to be remarkably contentious. When players discovered the publisher had placed a roster of twelve additional fighters on the game disk, an uproar ensued across message boards, leading to a number of players filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Capcom responded that the decision was made to “save hard drive space” and to preserve continuity between online competitors who have the purchased the DLC and those who haven’t. As an additional goodwill effort, the company announced that preliminary purchasers of Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS Vita will receive a free code for the ancillary characters as well as a bonus perk of additional extra costumes for the portable iteration.

Coinciding with the release the 1.06 patch for Street Fighter X Tekken which remedies a number of niggling imbalances- from nerfing dominating fighters such as Ryu, Ken, and Akuma, to tweaking the auto-throw and auto-block gems, Capcom has decided to release the character pack early. Available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for twenty dollars, the DLC adds six fighters to both the Capcom and Namco camps, bringing the game’s total roster to fifty characters. The Street Fighter team is augmented by franchise favorite Blanka, Final Fight’s Cody and Guy, Third Strike’s oft overlooked Dudley and Elena and Alpha’s Sakura. Likewise, the Tekken line-up is bolstered by competitors throughout series history, with Jack-X, Lei Wulong, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Alisa Bosconovitch and Lars Alexandersson joining the fracas. With the content in place, Street Fighter X Tekken offers a pleasing, varied selection of pugilists.

Street Fighter x Tekken DLCAs expected, the Street Fighter characters blend in fairly seamlessly. Individually, each of Capcom’s combatants offers a reasonable balance strengths and weaknesses, although Blanka’s Rolling Attack (aka The Jungle Wheel) still seems a bit slow and opens up the attacker for reprisal. Alternatively, Tekken’s team suffers from some balancing woes, with both powerhouses Bryan and Lei routinely wiping the floor with competitors. For newcomers looking for a fighter with some rudimentary hard hitting combos, Christie’s lightning-fast leg sweeps offer a tempting entry point.

Beyond diversifying the game’s roster of competitors and offering additional titles for players to unlock, the package also supplements Street Fighter X Tekken’s arcade mode . Mirroring the whimsical tag-team storylines of the basic game, with the content in place, each new character is given their own cutscenes and concluding cinematic. From Blanka and Sukura’s polar excursion to Christie and Lei’s uneasy alliance, these micro-narratives offer an agreeable collection of incentives for SxT vets, even if the “let’s find the Pandora box” impetus is stretched out even further.

Street Fighter x Tekken DLCAsking players who ponied up a premium sum for Street Fighter X Tekken on launch day for an additional purchase might be deemed unreasonable. However, for fighting game fans who never purchased the title, the game and additional content can be purchased for about forty dollars, offering a compelling completion which should hold off fighting fanatics until the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this September.

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  1. Deagle, you’re way too soft. I expect nothing more than an outcry at your recommendation.

    • I do think he makes a good point that $40 is worth it.

      But where can you get the game for $20?

  2. Wait, why no score?

  3. What’s that saying, “Fool me once, shame on you…”?

  4. They need to fix gems and the Xbox version, then I’ll think about forking over some money.

  5. Hey, at BlazBlue prices, new characters would have been an extra $60.

  6. The cutscenes are stills or animated?

  7. I’m not trying to defend Capcom, because their DLC handling it pretty atrocious, but putting the DLC on disk so that everyone can play isn’t a big deal.

    Charging people $60+$20 for the DLC is.

  8. Thanks, Des. Good write up, as always.

  9. I was going to do an article n the DLC (more of an opinion piece than a review) I looked all over for images with the new characters and couldn’t find anything. Can I use yours?

    BTW- Where did you get the images from?

  10. Anything less than $2 for character (and long as they’re balanced) it fine by me. Who know what the hell Blaz devs were thinking.

  11. Sorry but 50 fighters should have came with the game. You don’t see TTT2 charging for extra characters.

  12. the author of this “review” has his nose so far up Capcom’s ass, that if he sneezes, his snot will wind up as DLC in the next game.

    • Dude, it’s there if you want to buy it. If you really think that Capcom’s practices are that awful why not vote with your wallet instead of attacking someone who tried to give a fair review of the content?

      I swear this entitled mentality is making me disliking gaming more every day.

      • It’s not just video games. It’s the internet and beyond. Hopefully, one day people fight back and some kind of being more humble and thankful movement happens. But I’m probably being hopelessly naive.

  13. I’m boycotting Capcom and any website that says to buy their shit.

  14. “fighting game enthusiasts are known to be an outspoken crowd”

    I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. Maybe video gamers are an outspoken crowd?

  15. Man, Capcom gets more hate than any other publisher out there.