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A Tulane-educated Master of Architecture and Monster Hunter apologist, Sean "SeanNOLA" Kirkland might have relocated to trendy Angeleno suburbs, but his heart remains entrenched in the Crescent City.

Gravity Crash Ultra Review

Sean’s Take: It’s surprising to me that there aren’t more twin stick shooters on the Vita. It seems like the system was designed specifically for Robotron’s great-grandchildren. It took 5 years, but Gravity Crash finally ...

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NiGHTS into Dreams HD Review

It’s hard to have a conversation about the Sega Saturn without somebody bringing up NiGHTs into Dreams. Set aside the fact that the system had some of the greatest, most unique adventure and roleplaying games, ...

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Warlords Review

It’s hard to have a conversation about the Golden Age of Arcades without somebody bringing up Warlords. One of a very few early four player arcade titles, Warlords was essentially a Breakout-style game that had ...

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Sonic Adventure 2 HD Review

Eleven years ago, Sonic Adventure 2 was a divisive game. It was a turning point in the series, when a lot of fans started to write the series off. It’s often considered the beginning of ...

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Ys Origin Review

Given my wide-reaching dismissal of the anime aesthetic this generation, it’s hard to believe that I’ve let the Ys series wriggle its way into my heart. I was more or less ambivalent toward the series ...

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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Review

DesertEagle’s Take: Critics of the Japanese role-playing game often assert that the genre relies on clichéd storylines. Exception to this claim could be found in last year’s Hyperdimension Neptunia, a title which depicted a fanciful ...

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Street Fighter X Tekken Review

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine a time when there weren’t crossover fighting games. A time when lunch breaks were spent arguing the hypothetical scenarios like “who would win in a fight – Captain America or ...

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