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New Game Releases: November 19th-25th, 2015

Eiyuu Senki The World Conquest

From singing, swerving, and swinging, this week’s schedule of new game releases has it all. Headlined by a duo of Nintendo titles (Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon) there’s also a pair of interesting recreations from emergent publisher Maximum Games, with Let’s Sing 2016 and WRC 5 ready to test players’ vocal and off-road abilities. Unsurprisingly, there’s also a bit of fan-service, with Fruitbat Factory delivering a quest for world domination while wearing a minimal amount of clothing in Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest.

Header image: Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest, PS3

Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest (PSN, $39.99)
WRC 5 ($39.99)

PlayStation 4
Let’s Sing 2016 ($39.99)
WRC 5 ($49.99)

Let’s Sing 2016 ($39.99)

Wii U
Lucentek – Activate (eShop, $9.99)
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (also on eShop, $49.99)
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival (eShop, $7.99)
Totem Topple (eShop, $2.99)
Typoman (eShop, $13.99)

Xbox 360
WRC 5 ($49.99)

Xbox One
WRC 5 ($49.99)

Family Fishing (eShop, $5.99)
I Love My Pony (eShop, $24.99)
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (also on eShop, $39.99)

PS Vita
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (PSN, $TBA)

PC (available via Steam unless noted)
12 is Better Than 6 ($TBA)
AGON – The Lost Sword of Toledo ($5.99)
Akuatica ($TBA)
Angels that Kill ($TBA)
Cardinal Quest 2 ($TBA)
Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge ($5.39)
Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Rhapsody Clash ($TBA)
Chronostorm: Siberian Border ($TBA)
Clannad ($TBA)
Club Manager 2016 ($21.24)
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon ($16.71)
Empires Of Creation ($TBA)
Entropy Rising ($TBA)
Goblin Defenders: Steel‘n’ Wood
GooCubelets 2 ($0.59)
Heresy ($19.99)
Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy ($TBA)
Mayan Death Robots ($TBA)
Mordheim: City of the Damned ($39.99)
Nusakana ($TBA)
One More Dungeon ($TBA)
Rothschild: The Sheep Will Wake ($TBA)
Scourge of War: Waterloo ($44.99)
Signal to Noise ($TBA)
Super Snow Fight ($TBA)
Switch Galaxy Ultra ($TBA)
Tactical Soccer The New Season ($TBA)
The Consuming Shadow ($TBA)
The Deed ($TBA)
The Lost Island ($TBA)
The Tape ($3.59)
Thea: The Awakening ($TBA)
Time Tenshi ($TBA)
True Lover’s Knot ($6.99)
UmiharaKawase Shun Steam Edition ($TBA)
Vendetta – Curse of Raven’s Cry ($TBA)
Zero Punctuation: Hatfall – Hatters Gonna Hat Edition ($TBA)

Robert’s Pick: A love of Rogue-likes and all things Pikachu compels me to pick up Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, even if Spike-Chunsoft’s last entry in the series, 2013’s Gates to Infinity was a bit ‘meh’. But if Famitsu can be trusted, this one’s supposed to be significantly improved. The other title to watch for is Mayan Death Robots, which draws inspiration from Worms’ artillery methodical dueling. But instead of the typical turn-based order, both players plan and attack simultaneously, which really helps to enliven things. I don’t think I’ll miss thirty seconds of watching my opponent flail around with the ninja rope.

Mayan Death Robots

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  1. I guess this means the year is coming to an end, with all the big games are out now.

    GOTY anyone?

  2. Any plans to Eiyuu Senki: TWC? I’d like to hear your opinion on it.

    • I can’t trust Prollygone to review it properly. You know what you have to do, Robert

      (Eiyuu Senki by launch day)

  3. Lots of Steam games on there, but I recommend competitive puzzle fans (Puyo Puyo and Super Puzzle Fighter II) check out Heroes Never Lose

  4. Just checked out Mayan Death Robots. Looks kind of cool. Know how many weapons are in the game?

  5. I haven’te played a Mystery Dungeon game since the GBA days. Have they evolved all that much?

  6. Just waiting for BF, so I can score some cheap pickups.

  7. I’m been looking for a complete song track for Let’s Sing, but this is all I found:

    Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
    Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
    Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea – Problem
    Sam Smith – Stay With Me
    Calvin Harris – Summer
    Sia – Chandelier
    Avicii – The Nights
    Bastille – Pompeii
    John Legend – All Of Me
    LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem
    Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

    Anyone got the complete list?

  8. Lots of stuff I probably won’t buy until next BF.

  9. I wish Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest wasn’t priced so high. $20 and I’d grab it.