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New Releases: November 7th-13th 2018

With game titles like Pleasure Goal, Red Dead Hentai Horse, and Operation Pig, there’s a bit of quirk to be found in this week’s releases. Fortunately, there’s also the prospect of quality with Hitman 2, ...

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New Releases: November 1st-7th, 2018

With games like Diablo III, Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!, and World of Final Fantasy Maxima publishers are  trotting out some of this season’s most sought-after titles. Beyond these big names, there are also a ...

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New Releases: October 11th-17th, 2018

With retail spaces clearing out the last remnants of Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions, and Disney Infinity items, the toys-to-life trend might seem to be over. But with the pairing of game and a modular Arwing ship, ...

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New Releases: October 4th-10th, 2018

Whether you prefer stepping into the sing with WWE 2K19, venturing into the Item Word in Disgaea 1 Compete or journeying back to The Peloponnesian War in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, chances are this week has ...

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New Releases: September 20th-26th, 2018

Woefully, cell-shaded tanks are rather rare in gaming. But peer across this week’s schedule of new game releases and you’ll find two titles that showcase armored vehicles rendered in a delightful hard-drawl style. If neither ...

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New Releases: September 6th-12th, 2018

From performing the Kessel Run with a steel orb to balancing ‘great power with great responsibility’, a few of this this week’s releases are born from cinematic inspiration. Yet others, with titles that range from ...

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