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Dynasty Warriors Next Review

In the interest of journalistic transparency, a disclosure needs to be issued: I am a stalwart Dynasty Warriors devotee. Having played through nearly every series permutation, I’ve witnessed the franchise steadily advance alongside each new ...

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Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review

Although industry marketing reps periodically throw around the word “synergy” when discussing their products, a scant number of developers actually make good on the term. One studio that has reliably delivered on the declaration is ...

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BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Review

Typically, launch titles fall into two categories: simplistic diversions which scarcely surpass the definition of a tech demo, as well as quick and dirty ports of pre-existing titles. After being adapted for a variety of ...

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E3- PlayStation Vita Hands-On

Veteran readers and podcast fans know that I am a PSP apologist. More than any other current generation system – even the full consoles – the PSP has earned a special place in SeanNOLA’s Gaming ...

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