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Class of Heroes 2 Review

Long before Atlus and NIS America spoiled stateside gamers with sumptuous special edition packages, Working Designs established precedent. Take, for instance Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the PlayStation, which offered an unprecedented bundle of ...

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Remember Me Review

While science fiction’s futuristic interpretations of vehicles, weapons and urban spaces are undeniably intriguing, plot devices which allow a glimpse into the human condition are often the most satisfying elements of the genre. These existentialism-enabling ...

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Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Presumably, to keep Resident Evil relevant, the series has shirked survival horror tenet across the last several iterations. The fourth and fifth entries in the franchise prioritized trigger-happy action over trepidation, delivering capable shooters which ...

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Soul Sacrifice Review

Serendipitously, the gameplay of the SCEA-published Soul Sacrifice can be read as a metaphor for the PS Vita. Mirroring the processing capabilities and sumptuous output of the portable’s OLED screen, the prospect of brandishing tremendous ...

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Black Rock Shooter: The Game Review

Few properties have had a trajectory as remarkable as Black Rock Shooter. Originally a collection of conceptual drawings, the composition gradually progressed across mediums- with a music video, OVA, and eight episode animated series gradually ...

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Let’s Fish! Hooked On Review

For most players, virtual angling peaked in the early 2000’s with the Dreamcast’s trifecta of fishing titles. The concepts behind SEGA Bass Fishing (as well as sequels Bass Fishing 2 and Marine Fishing) weren’t revolutionary; ...

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Stan Lee’s squad of superheroes have been prolifically pugnacious, progressing across a procession of successful fighters published by Capcom (as well as flailing through Electronic Art’s odd misstep- 2005’s Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects). ...

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Guacamelee! Review

In 2011, Sony announced the Pub Fund, a $20 million initiative that not only provided financing for budding developers, but also removed many of the barriers of entry smaller studios faced when bringing a title ...

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