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Valhalla Knights 3 Review

While Valhalla Knights 3‘s moniker implies that the game is the tertiary entry in K2’s action/role-playing franchise, it’s actually the fourth installment. Two PSP iterations as well as 2008’s Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga for the ...

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Worms Revolution: Extreme Review

Across the past nineteen years, Team17’s Worms franchise has endowed the oft-solemn artillery genre with a much-needed dose of personality and humor. The actions and absurdity of the antagonistic annelids have undoubtedly struck a chord ...

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Armored Core: Verdict Day Review

It’s a good thing Pacific Rim didn’t spawn a console tie-in. After strolling out of the cineplex, I could envision succumbing to the temptation of a hastily-developed interactive interpretation. Lured in by the prospect of ...

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FIFA 14 Review

Since its transition onto now-gen consoles back in 2005, the FIFA series has made some significant advances across each off-season. From FIFA 08’s addition of the involving ‘Be a Pro’ mode, 10’s inclusion of 360-degree ...

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Real Boxing PS Vita Review

It is often said that boxing is a dying sport. The popularity of Ultimate Fighting Championship, and mixed martial arts in-general, is on the rise, whereas boxing disappears from most people’s radars for months on-end, ...

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Grand Theft Auto V Review

If the benchmark of artistic expression is the ability to evoke an inward examination, then Grand Theft Auto V is undoubtedly Rockstar Games’ magnum opus. While detractors and the ratings-ravenous media are bound to critique ...

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