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Diablo III Review: The Pursuit of Loot

Console gamers who crave the creature carnage and loot drops perfected by the Diablo franchise have had to put up with second-rate surrogates for years. From Sacred 2, Dungeon Siege 3, and the especially woeful ...

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Rayman Legends Review: Limbless Potential

When the original Rayman was released in 1995, the title defied convention. The game’s sprite-based, hop-and-bop action diverged from the three-dimensional fighters, shooters, and racers which dominated the PlayStation’s launch library. Nearly two decades later, ...

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Superfrog HD Review: To Amphibian and Beyond

Robert’s Take: Although globalization has created a near-universal experience for gamers in the Western world, this wasn’t always the case. Mention the video game crash of the early eighties to a British thirty-something and you’re ...

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Disney Infinity Review

Although reputation is important for any publisher, for the Walt Disney Company- it’s imperative. As one of the largest transnational multimedia firms in the world, the corporation has cultivated its empire by crafting consistently top ...

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Lost Planet 3 Review: A Cold Day in Hell

Game franchises typically follow an evolutionary trajectory, with each successive iteration gradually building on the strengths of its predecessor. Capcom’s Lost Planet series has followed a route filled with pervasive renovation. 2006’s Lost Planet: Extreme ...

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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Review

This generation of Tom Clancy-branded titles undoubted demonstrated the capability of consoles, flaunting enriched visuals and providing players with access to increasingly sophisticated gadgetry. Yet, Ubisoft’s contemporary line of military and espionage-themed games also simplified ...

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Saints Row IV Review: The Saints Go Wall Running In

Typically, collector’s editions are filled with superfluous items- distressingly fragile figurines, ornamental character skins, and other miscellaneous tchotchke. While Saints Row IV devotees can purchase a hundred dollar ‘Super Dangerous Wub Wub’ edition which includes ...

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Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Review

Across the PC landscape air combat simulations abound, invigorated by supplemental hardware setups which often include lavish flight controllers and multi-monitor viewing perspectives. On console, stanch simulations are less common, with most titles favoring skin-deep ...

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