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Reverie review

Games often allow us to explore imaginative places, from futuristic planets on the other side of our universe to fantastical lands occupied by mythical creatures. While these fictitious lands can be fascinating, all too often ...

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Horizon Chase Turbo review

For decades, racing games used raster-based graphics to depict three-dimensional racing circuits. Although there was a palpable advancement in fidelity across titles like 1976’s Night Driver, 1986’s Outrun, and 1994’s Cruis’n USA, the method of ...

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Immortal Redneck review

Immortal Redneck is every bit as goofy as the name implies. But save for a few blemishes, the game is also oddly gratifying, especially if you’re a fan of lithe, late-nineties era shooters like Quake, ...

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Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

During the heyday of the coin-op era, the brawler enjoyed an extended period of quarter-gorging success. The reason for the genre’s popularity was clear: titles like Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Bad Dudes offered visceral ...

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Megadimension Neptunia VIIR review

For many, the potential of virtual reality remains unfulfilled. Sure, the peripherals extend a multitude of engaging experiences, from Robo Recall’s furious first-person firefights to Thumper’s rhythm-fueled rush down a snaking highway. But save for ...

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Super Mega Baseball 2 review

Surprisingly, quality action-driven baseball on PC is as atypical as a triple play. Sure, Steam has a number of stat driven simulations like the Out of the Park and Baseball Mogul franchises, which offer players ...

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