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Thor: God of Thunder Review

By now, you may have already heard that Thor: God of Thunder is a horrendous pile. I received the game a little late, and figured that, since I was given the opportunity to see the ...

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Brink Review

Although the brevity of an E3 demonstration only provided a cursory overview of Brink‘s mechanics, a subsequent chat with the title’s developers helped to reveal the title’s ambitions. Building on experience gleaned from both Wolfenstein: ...

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Virtua Tennis 4 Review

Whereas most now-gen sport franchises are resolute in their efforts toward realism, the Virtua Tennis has persistently delivered a quirky interpretation of the sport. Verisimilitude be damned, the series’ signature ingredient is its eccentric selection ...

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Gatling Gears Review

Over the last two decades, appreciation for twin-stick shooters has followed a reoccurring cycle of admiration and apathy. Once the darling of arcades with titles like Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV, scoot-and-shoot games struggled to ...

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Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury Review

Historically, Japanese developer Treasure have enjoyed pushing consoles to their absolute limits. Whether explicitly stated on the Engrish-reading pause screen of 1995’s Alien Soldier (“now is the time to the 68000 heart on fire”) or ...

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