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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV review

While maintaining the game’s relative accessibility, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV’s Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack offers an inventory of new scenarios, strategic opens, and even a streamlined game mode. Now there’s even more ...

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Lupin III: The First (Blu-ray+DVD) review

Several times during Lupin III: The First’s succinct ninety-three minute running time, protagonist Arsène Lupin III warns against half-hearted thievery. Largely, that kind of complete commitment to craft has been heeded by the talent who ...

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Necrobarista review

With a dynamic visual delivery and a shrewdly pared-down cast, Necrobarista channels the intimacy of a stage play within the medium of a visual novel. It’s a remarkable feat that truly pushes the medium in ...

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Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade review

Exterminate schools of antagonist mechanical marine life across a compilation of Darius’ arcade offerings. There’s a notable omission, but that’s not enough to prohibit enjoyment from Taito’s classic shooters. During the late eighties, there was ...

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Disintegration review

Plotlines are often dispensable in real-time strategy and first-person shooter games. Disintegration provides an absorbing motivation for its blend of genres. But the game’s action isn’t as tactical or engaging as it should be. For ...

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Demon’s Tier+ review

Demon’s Tier+ is a simple, satisfying twin-stick shooter ideal for those moments when you just want to turn higher brain functions off, and gun down anything that’s inching toward you. Daniel Fernandez Chavez’ (aka Diabolical ...

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