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Often referred to by his nickname "Blue", the upbeat Eric 'BlueSwim' joined Tech-Gaming as its fighting game, pro-wrestling, and Sailor Moon expert in 2011. Although his heart belongs to the classics of yesteryear, this jack-of-all-trades gamer doesn't shy away from playing the modern-day greats as well.

Remembering Ranger X

Before I came across a cartridge-only copy of Ranger X for the Sega Genesis while out shopping one day, I was completed unaware of the game’s existence. This, I had no idea what the game ...

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Remembering Kirby’s Dream Course

From racing on stars in Kirby’s Air Ride to matching three in the Puyo-Puyo-like Kirby’s Avalanche, Nintendo’s pink puffball has dipped his red toes into quite a few genres over the years. The sleeper hit ...

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Burnout Crash Review

With every new Burnout game, it seems that the racing portion of the game takes a backseat to crashing or forcing someone else to crash in a nifty way. For better or worse, Burnout Crash ...

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Three SNK PSP Minis Reviewed

A few weeks ago, I finally jumped on board the PSP train. Like with everything unfamiliar, there’s a learning process that takes a little time to get through. Until last week, I really didn’t know ...

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Remembering Super Godzilla

Growing up, there were three things I was a huge fan of; video games, pro wrestling, and Godzilla movies. I couldn’t get enough of Japan’s favorite (or is it least favorite?) radioactive dinosaur. Recently, I ...

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Diary of a Monster Rancher

I think every gamer has a short list of games or franchises that they’re curious about, but have never played for whatever reason. Monster Rancher is one of those franchises for me. Since I first ...

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Remembering Fire Pro Wrestling

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a solid decade since Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance. In that time, we have seen the launch of four Nintendo consoles (GameCube, Wii, DS, & 3DS), a ...

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A Look Back at Mischief Makers

The year was 1997. An 11 year-old BlueSwim faced a difficult choice. He had two coupons in his hand for two different games, but could only have one. The first coupon was for a unique ...

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