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PS2 Classic- La Pucelle: Tactics Review

What is the concept? Hoping to duplicate the unanticipated success of 2003’s Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, publisher Mastiff swiftly secured the rights to Nippon Ichi’s previous game. Released stateside the subsequent year, La Pucelle: Tactics ...

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Pokémon Conquest Review

In an era marked by escalating game budgets and an aversion to risk, the crossover title has become increasingly fashionable. While the concept isn’t new- the idea dates back to 1990’s Alex Kidd in Shinobi ...

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Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Review

Although the subtitle of Disgaea 4 explicitly refers to the protagonist’s unwavering devotion to his word, it also symbolizes Nippon Ichi’s tacit commitment to series supporters. With an assembly of beguiling and eclectic characters, depth ...

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