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Mario Tennis Open Review

Over the years, Camelot Software Planning’s fanciful interpretations of athletic recreations have accrued a legion of devotees. From an inaugural entry in the Everybody’s Golf franchise (known to U.S. players as Hot Shots Golf) to ...

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Pac-Man Party 3D Review

Much like the Kardashians, Pac-Man seems to have developed an insatiable lust for social celebration. After abandoning the squalid hallways which catapulted the pullet-muncher to fame, Pac has enjoyed everything from kart racing with his ...

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Deca Sports Extreme Review

As purchasers of any of Nordcurrent’s 101-In-1 anthologies will likely tell you, there’s a direct correlation between the number of diversions on a collection and the depth of each game. One series that has admirably ...

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DualPenSports Review

In theory, the main mechanic of recent 3DS release DualPenSports sounds problematic. While holding a stylus in each hand, players participate in seven athletic-oriented mini-games and three ambidexterity challenging ‘tap exercises’. Since the customary style ...

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