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Tackling Over 9000 Zombies!

Robert’s Take: The first hour with a triple-A title can often be a trustworthy barometer for the overall quality of the game. After all, sizable studios can’t afford to make anything less than a stellar ...

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Ascendant Review

In recent years Rogue-likes have seen a resurgence brought about by indie developers. Tackling niche genres allows smaller teams to grow and prosper without having to worry about competition stemming from AAA counterparts. This paradigm ...

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Concursion Review

The old cliché “variety is the spice of life” has been the driving concept behind in a number of noteworthy games. Early coin-ops such as Tron or Gorf were conceived around the notion that an ...

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Dungeon of Elements Review

What is the concept? In 2007, developer Steve Fawkner hoped to evade role-playing combat formula, which had habitually expressed combat as a succession of menu selections. The result was Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords- ...

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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review

While games are adept at providing pulse-quickening thrills or poignant plotlines, one of the most salient sensations can be the feeling of discovery. From uncovering the ability of your boomerang to capture unreachable coins in ...

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What is Captain Forever?

On the Tech-Gaming Podcast, I’ve occasionally mentioned the Captain Forever series of games, but I’ve struggled to describe it adequately. I even devoted an entire episode of the Rockin’ Android Podcast to an interview with ...

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